Saturday, October 13, 2007


It was awe
Naked and independent
Singled out
As a peg
Like a pigeon
Twist, bend, and spin
Take flight
Only to perch upon a roof
Oh but the view
Scattered dots
Flying fast
Red and yellow streaks
Separated and blended
As a crowd
Only to land
On the paved sidewalk
Grateful for the crumbs
Let it coo
See the world in a different view

Saturday, October 6, 2007

The-Self, Untamed and Blooming

I sat in-between the tall purple stalks
Picking each feathered flower
Bending my fingers, biting my tongue
I was the blossom princess
"Thank you, thank you" as I bowed to the sun
That was when imagination was no greater than or less than reality

And then…

The valley grew wider, and the grass rose higher
My stance became steady, my ringlets disappeared
Curves took to my sides
When it rained, 7 colors always appeared
Vigorously, one foot in front of the other
The straw whispered "tis, whisk, tisk, tis" on my bare legs and frayed cut-offs
It kept beat with the drum of my own fantasy
In time with the vessels beneath my smooth flesh—
Perfectly fashioned with tone,
Yes, time with every thought of what I could be
Independence desired and untamed
That was when the unknown was about discovery and sexuality

But then…

The mountains flattened with expectation
My vertebrae bent backwards and my palms became dry and clean
I dug beneath my fingernails to remove the brown specks of earth
Frowns and smiles became the man in the moon, an orb that shone
Glowed and illuminated what was deemed mistakes, it suddenly became night
Dark atmosphere, still I watched my wrist for the waning to hide
Validation was the key
Rusty teeth that always left a trail of copper dust behind me as I went,
Smeared with imprints that placed weight on my shoulders
Still the metal withered killing the bit of pasture left underneath my toes
Till my saving grace, I saw the waxing and a picture of a golden light at a very long tunnel
My hand drop that piece of metal as the space between my joint and knuckle acquired a curiously comforting yellow ban and another hand
That was when the prison of perception desperately needed an inmate to cover up a tired self-concept

And then…

The patch of itchy spokes turned to gravel and then a rock wall rose
Little piece of rough and textured bumps wrapped around a smooth core
Green triangles drifted above in waves, a harness hung taut and a rope stretched
Pulling my hips upwards and forwards, at the end of that long thread my hope griped the ledge
If that wish slipped, I caught it with all the strength my fear could cling
My eyes peered up
I watched as everything I was skid, scrap, and tumble across the surface of gray mossy stone
My ankles shook and the love line in the center of my fists held steady through the burn
I felt a yank; the cord went limp but no thump sounded
My lashes blinked, confused, but all I found was a lonely 190 foot concrete sheet
I felt the layer of oil jiggle then a halting feeling of defeat
Red streaks left stains and indentions
My cuticles no longer sat upon a beveled rung
Muscles of my stomach churned
Vibrations of various layers--lava, decay, and bones hummed
F# rang my stubborn ridges and the white chaos above formed
Drops fell, jagged ice bounced, and the wind laughed
My silhouette drenched and mourned the loss of its best friend
That was when illusion and a fa├žade striped my delusion and lessons of commitment and betrayal stung

I felt a bump…

The green fuzz gathered around my knees and expanded as far as I could run
I saw those former hues appear, warm banging between my breasts
Continued I aimed, quickly past that rusty heap, slipped through those bars
Held my hands to my ears passing all those tracks and bitter tongues
I tore that wall down to an appropriate size and kicked the pebbles around
Whoosh, whoosh, my ribs throbbed and my spine straightened
Suddenly, I saw it, that long forgotten crown
My mouth opened, my breath froze
In slow motion, I plopped down and spread my limps open
The spot light danced with the steams and ties between my thighs
Infant of pink and blue softly begged
There, in that field that bore a princess and laced my DNA with hope
Never asking for nothing-more-than this, love yourself
So I just sat, my legs open, my shoulder blades hunched
My elbows slightly bent my arms drooped
My wrists crossed at the crease between my natural stilts
Mesh and tangled with my hair
In-between the purple stalks with that woven crown