Monday, June 25, 2007


I’ve not seen the spot light lingering in the sea
No, the seagulls refuse to fly amidst the throw abouts
The homeless have move from their fiery bins
And the boardwalk is harboring no traffic
The only greeting is the meeting of the tidal waves and boats
The paper’s date marks eternity and the cotton goes stale

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Caught a Firefly

My toes drip with rain
The droplets dust shimmers of monochromatic schemes
Blues, with grays
Calmness lends its hand
Through the puddles swelling with the sun
Their ripples no longer blurring my vision
As my heart bears a white sail
My eyes reach to the sunset, my pupil shrink
My first breath in five years, I stand with no remorse
As the wind whips my skirt round my knees
This is my truth, I sleep well, I live with myself with ease
My bones twist with pussy willow, my lips purse and blow little parachutes across the earth
My dreams firmly rooted with the maple trees
And the grass lye with its snowing yellow leaves

Friday, June 22, 2007

Colors Blend to Gray

Blotches of ink bound your dreams
They told stories, once reflected with hope
Now a mirage with webs in my dresser draws
What imagination, dwindled to mere confusion
The string hangs and the truth detaches
The colors blend to gray, love’s naive child
The wind no longer sooths the swelling beads
I’m left cuddling the air, and carrying you along
Please, making it right has no appearance in your blood
These are YOUR choices, don’t try to hang your coat at my door
You took everything I own and invested it into delusions
What I’ve earned, you’ve given away, what I bled for, you stole
I’m begging, I’m crying, stop, let me grieve!! I can’t lick your guilt clean
Those scribbles with a blue overtone, coated with a thick layer of bleach
Your fingers never marching but scrambling, that laid once upon my breast
With all your masks, who can hold, what only I have delayered
This was your shame. I bore witness to your vulnerabilities
Your promises held no anchor and your fears nailed you to the padded door
And still there is not a tree that gathers enough shade for you

Stab Thy Back

My back only has so much surface
And I just have one
You’re going to have to quit all that stabbing
So here it is, the cheek you’ve been begging for
As your guilt pleads for my open arms
Don’t you think I’ve done enough?
I’m simply drained, I have no more blood
You cost dearly my “friend”—my husband
And you fork yourself over too cheaply
So willing to explore anything but yourself

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Gifts of the Cold Shoulder

Those eyes so high
Glazed over like ice
His skin pricked with chills--
Unconditional cold-shoulder
Those were my gifts from him
Given to me like a knife

This was our love, hopeless
Through his cold dead smile
Me, the source of his unrest
Like winter,
Egg shells laid innocently on the ground,
The debris from our white wedding bells
I was ravaging, he a clown

And life was never as he hoped,
As I became a fleeting dream
Unable to satisfy his head stuck up in those pink puffy clouds,
Nothing could compare

The rain that followed,
Not one drop from his duct

His nose so high in the air,
Never realizing his emotions were taut with jealousy,
Of the girl he despised
The wife, me,
The light he could not reflect

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Nook of my Spine

It was never sacred
Amusing to you, till you collected all your dues
Gone, taking your presence but your words stayed
Stuck to me like a crooked knife right in the nook of my spine

You are blind to your future, and I am no psychic
It’s only that your denial screams the truth as she grabs for your hand
Both scared, but never whole
Does it seem surprising?
Hope has spread her legs to the masses
Hope like a vulture circling, waiting to feast on my leftovers
Does she know? That the only pleasure you’re willing to give is a comatose bed

Use, USE up all that your path leaves for you
Use it while the warmth last
Chunk it when the fear returns.
Just Quit when the real world over powers your shove and the horizon begins to choke you
When the glow fades, the promise and commitments will drain
You’ll demand for a new distraction as you fall deeper into your hole

You were never capable of love, only the glimpses
Till the river sinks and what you leave behind is cracked sand
Trying to fill that shallow hole inside your chest
You’re dead