Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Photography and Life

Here's just a few things I've been up to since I haven't taken the time to write or comment much. I hope you all enjoy. You are most welcome to critique anything you wish. It is always helpful to get suggestions and to also know what's liked. Hope everyone enjoys and my favorite bloggers are doing well! - Susie


Jonathan said...

Recognise some of those from Paris. One I like in particular, though, is the one with the bannister. Not sure why, something about the lighting, perhaps.

Hope you're well.

Susie Q said...

The banister one is one of my favorites too. I am doing the photography for my friend's wedding and I was playing around with the lighting and getting ideas for how and where to take some unique and amazing wedding photographs.

I am well, thank you. I hope you are too. Thanks for the comment!


Mark_W said...


Hello! Glad you're well...

I'm not an expert at, well, anything really, to be fair, but I think you're very good at this photography business. I especially like the landscapes [you might have to forgive my counting and/or irritatingly wilful browser here, but e.g. (hopefully!) numbers 1, 2, 29-31 and others] -- I can't claim to be genuinely knowledgeable about why, but it's the way you've captured the light...

The beach ones (8 and 10?) I like too -- they remind me of Pendine beach here in the Western Marches (not just physically in terms of how the locations look, but in the feeling of happiness/nostalgia they give off...)

I agree with Quetz about the bannister one too -- it's interesting you say this was a trial for a wedding you're doing: the photographer recording the images at the start of my own ridiculously short marriage took a lot of us, and the various combinations of 'official' people, on the stairs behind the bannisters in the hotel, and it does, as you say, work very well: and not just because you can arrange people of wildly various heights so you can still see everyone (an especial boon, if, as it was that day, it's pouring with rain and you can't take the pictures outside...)



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