Saturday, March 20, 2010

'Tis the Sum

The day and her spotting rain
Turning dry embankments
and clear rivers to mud
'Tis the drizzle’s sum of one year
As the night's crickets moan
For the hunter’s meat that clung to my bones
Lay dead of thirst
Untouched nor pursued
beneath this hungry flood
With its cracked lips and blistered tongue

-Susie Edging


Mark_W said...

‘Tis The Sum’

Love this (especially as, having read it, any idea I might have had about any residual maths geekery [Sum!] that I might have retained, and which might have lead me towards formulating, or hunting for, an equation, have disappeared.)

“The day and her spotting rain” -- that’s brilliant, on its own...

What I particularly like is the intimation that however much this “spotting rain” might turn the “dry embankments and clear rivers to mud”, there remain things that it cannot touch, (that it cannot “hunt”, in fact [1]) and that, ultimately, however cracked and blistered we become (or are), there will still always remain a conflict between us and nature...[2]

[1] I’m reminded of the most famous soliloquy in history, and, in particular, Adam Roberts’s elucidation here about the difference between “QUEST” and “question”.

[2] Or at least that a quenching of thirst and the supply or water are two very different things...

I’m still thinking on this (my fault!) and will need to come back in a while...


Susie Q said...


Thank you! Equate! Equate! I'm interested in your thoughts and like where you're headed...especially with #2. I don't want to say anything else. I think you're an incredibly smart man. I'm also incredibly grateful as I can learn what my use/choice of language in poetry may lead people to certain conclusions and why. I'd like to hone in on what works and doesn't in my efforts to communicate abstract concepts.

Your math skills have served you well! Which reminds me that I sent my boyfriend in the direction of your blog for some good "math geekery" to entertain himself. I of course thought of you, instantly!

Glad you like the poem! Good to hear from you again!


Mark_W said...


Especially with #2

Yes, quite right. I popped back to delete that comment and repost it without #1, actually, as I have no idea what the hell I'm on about... ("Opening Port doesn't mean start drinking!")

Argh. I shall add some more, and make sure I'm sober! :-)

(I still quite like the idea of rain hunting things though...)

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